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Frequently asked questions with answers

Yes, it is possible to order a customized product for your dog including collars, leashes or sets. Your customized order could be a completely new pattern, color or even the size of products. If your dog using a collar of size that you cannot find on the site, please write us a message! You pick an extra long leash when you placing your selected product to your cart this case it means a 135 cm long leash.

At that moment you can only order harnesses by contacting us. As of now they are not available in our webshop. If you like any pattern on the page, write us in a mail the exact size of your dog, the type of harness you would need, and the pattern you have selected. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, you can request information about the price of harnesses in message as well!

Unfortunately, you cannot pick up your order in person but you can choose from a number of shipping options when placing your order.

Our collars are primarily made for puppies. The design of the buckle does not allot self-release, so we do not recommend using these collars for kittens.

When you select the size of a collar, you can see that how long it can expand. You can measure your dog’s neck or collar you are currently using after that you can be sure that the product you order will be the right size.
If the ordered collar will not be the right size, it is still possible to replace that. In that case if there is any different in the price because of the size difference, you have to pay that difference and beside that you have to pay for the shipping as well.

Yes, we are constantly expanding the number of stores where you can buy our products in person. You can find more information below.

If you’re interested in becoming an exclusive distributor of Doggies Design, please contact us at, we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!