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and everything else that determines us as a brand

Doggies Design means the uniqueness and style of each dog and their hoomas. We wanted to create a new direction, a brand, that would connect a wide variety of dogs and their owners. We have started in this direction and continue to work so that every human can find the collar and leash that best suits their pet.

We strive for diversity from the very beginning. There are several different styles to discover in our webshop.

The truth behind every dogs

We pay special attention to all products. Strong ribbons follow the latest trend, the thick strap below has been selected with many years of experience, as are all the other accessories we use to make the products. The right color combination is not only a matter of choosing a ribbon and a strap, but also choosing the most beautiful colored thread is an important consideration when designing a product.

The sizing of the collars overlap so you can find the perfect size for any breeds. Our leashes are longer than the standard size, giving comfort and freedom to the owner and pet. The uniqueness of our leashes is shown by the fact that the selected pattern can be found on both sides, which is a special rarity in the market.