Style and comfort

Essential accessories for the summer season include accessories for our favorite four-legged friends'. One or two new toys, healthy snacks, and of course a new collar are also part of the family package for summer trips.

Love is Love

With our summer 2In1 bandanas you can easily cool your puppy in the summer heat. Soak the bandana in cold water and then put the stylish bandana on your pet’s chest. With metal snaps, you can easily keep the comfortable bandana on your puppy, you don’t have to be afraid of losing it while you are walking. The soft cotton then retains its moisture for hours and cools your pet.


Just like humans, dogs have their own personalities. Doggies Design help to bring each two and four-legged closer together thanks to its wide range of patterns and products. Which one suits you the best?


Soft fabric and strong strap are the perfect match for every collar and leash. Pure comfort for dogs and humans.


Products for everyday use. Easy to clean so let your dog be stylish all the time.


6 months guarantee for all products purchased online



Our everyday life

We are here with you all year round and take care of your puppy. Choose a reliable collar that will give your pet a pleasant feeling and security everytime you take him and her for a walk.

Our short story

One start
one goal

Our story began in the spring of 2015. As a novice owner, I was confronted with the fact that the ideal dog equipment I envisioned did not exist, only simple, featureless accessories offered by various brands were available.

Knowing myself, I never get along with that much. I needed something to express my dog’s style.

That’s when I decided I was going to make custom, patterned collars in a variety of styles. I have kept this seemingly simple, but by no means so easy, goal ever since.

Customers’ review

What do others think about us?

Kata and Bambi

"We love our Doggies Design collar, it is made of very good materials, it can withstand Bambi always when he pulls. The buckle holds all the time, which is a very big advantage for us.."


Piroska and Walnut

"I am very happy with the set, I like the quality of the material and it is comfortable to walk with. Plus point: the white set remained immaculately clean even after a morning, dewy walk, even though Walnut were trampled on several times"


Dominika and Rupi

"We are very happy with the collar and the leash too! We have a galaxy set, Rupi swam several times in the collar this summer and the material was not damaged in the slightest. I really like it and have been praised by many already"



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